A Genuine Brand

For anyone who wants the right solution the first time who seeks the highest quality, most innovative products, LapGear® is the ‘Original Lap Desk Company®’ and has spent over 30 years perfecting it, because we are united in the goal to make a sincere improvement in the lives of our customers.

LapGear® Product Reviews


This fits my laptop perfectly. I wish I had purchased this sooner. 100% would recommend this product.

My Best Buddy

I love this lap desk so much, and use it all the time, all over the house (I'm using it right now!).

LapGear® Home Office Pro

#1 Best Seller

Our Home Office Pro Lap Desk is popular for a reason. Experience our best selling lap desk that is now available in Oakwood.

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Best Buy Co., Inc.
Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
The ODP Corporation
Sam's West, Inc.
Staples Inc.

Excellent Customer Service

We do our best to address any comments or questions you may have in regards to our products. Reach out to us by phone or email to experience how we do customer service.

Affordable Quality

Every product is designed with you in mind. We select materials that are the best quality and price so we can deliver satisfaction every time.

90-Day Manufacturer Warranty

All of our products come with a 90-day manufacturer warranty to cover unpreventable damages and issues that may occur with your LapGear® product.